Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Quaker Spring in Oregon

Who knew that there was such a place as Quaker Spring? It's in the Oregon mountains almost at the eastern border (click for map). This post is inspired by Marge Abbott's photo reminder to the rest of the continent: Portland is in bloom!

Here is the welcome from her Multnomah Friends Meeting:
Like all Quakers, we call ourselves “Friends”; we are formally known as the “Religious Society of Friends.”We value our “radical diversity.”  Our Core belief is that the Divine Spirit is accessible to all. Most Friends are Christians, but many are not. We come to Friends from many faith traditions. Most of us began our spiritual journeys in some other tradition or no tradition at all. We call our gathering place a Meetinghouse.  Striving for simplicity, our place of worship is plain. We sit together in a circle or rectangle.  Recognizing that the Divine Spirit is accessible to all, we gather without reliance on formal creeds, sacraments or clergy. Our worship is grounded in silence.  All present are free to speak “out of the silence” if they are genuinely moved to do so. 
And here is a spring poem from Oregon's laureate Paulann Petersen:

The moon is wet nurse
to roses. She suckles
each soft-mouthed poppy.

Blame her for menses.
Rail at her for the craving
to binge and purge.

Please her when you choose
to delay the day for planting,
biding your time
until night has fattened
her silver torso. Praise her
when the fleck of seed
poked down into damp dark
takes hold and swells.

Any girl-child is always her offspring.
Upbraid her for your daughter’s
sass and door-slams,
that hot hurry to be what most
differs from you.

Long ago, the moon decided
on a pathway against the route
stars take. No one else
would dare to walk
the black sky backward.

~Paulann Petersen, The Voluptuary, Lost Horse Press, 2010

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