Monday, 18 June 2007

Ogoni! Ogoni!

photo: Shell oil spill on Ogoni land, Nigeria

Ogoni is the land
The people, Ogoni
The agony of trees dying
in ancestral farmlands
Streams polluted weeping
Filth into murky rivers
It is the poisoned air
Coursing the luckless lungs
of dying children
Ogoni is the dream
Breaking the looping chain
Around the drooping neck
Of a shell-shocked land.
Ken Saro-Wiwa, of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, executed 10 Nov 1995

See also the Aug. 2007 Dogwood Initiatives video and news of Shell's record in Nigeria, its northern BC megaproject and treatment of the Tahltan First Nation.
Radio Netherlands podcast Shades of Gray on the Ogoni; Wikipedia on Niger Delta conflicts, Ogoni and MOSOP, coalbed methane drilling in Tahltan sacred headwaters; podcast of Amy Goodman's 2003 radio broadcast Drilling and Killing.

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