Wednesday, 10 October 2007

"Global warming is a hoax": the denial industry in the USA and Canada

Climate change denial is a major US lobby, and highly lucrative for its members: self-styled experts, neo-con think tanks, and rightwing politicians. Aimed at undercutting Kyoto, in the 1990s it received millions of dollars from petroleum, steel, autos and utilities lobbying groups with names like the Global Climate Coalition, ICE: Information Council on the Environment -- seconded by the American Enterprise Institute, Cato, Larouche, Toronto's Urban Renaissance Institute, Fraser Institute to name only a few. The companies cut funding last year, but the campaign continues by sheer habit: "scientist" Fred Singer and Republican senator James Imhof, along with legions of rightwing bloggers, continue to repeat data that were made obsolete years ago. It copied (as Montbiot points out) the cigarette lobbyists' campaign to cast doubt in the link between smoking and cancer, which had for years successfully delayed US legislation. The 13 Aug 2007 Newsweek names names and shows how their "junk science" can be countered. For more details on US and Canada deniers see:
The Tyee 2 May 2006
search "clearing the PR" in DeSmogBlog
and my deniers links on Delicious.

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