Friday, 19 October 2007

Gore's Inconvenient - Truth or Untruth?

Rightwing media and bloggers in the UK and USA have been making hay with High Court Justice Michael Burton's findings on the film by Al Gore, who has just been awarded the Nobel peace prize. To avoid needless repetition, we invite you to compare:
the so-called "news" about Gore's "nine untruths" from Canada's neo-con National Post, and a scathing but well-reasoned rebuttal by respected US climate scientists in RealClimate.

Just out: the Oct 14 Guardian reports that the lawsuit was backed by powerful lobbyists in the UK and USA. The "truck driver" plaintiff had a £1 million war chest from mining and fuel companies, with close ties to a "Scientific Alliance" of UK climate-change deniers, and to its partner the US George C Marshall Institute. Jointly funded by ExxonMobil, SA and GCMI also "advised" last year's denial film The Great Global Warming Swindle.

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