Sunday, 28 October 2007

Video and audio from around the world

UNICEF Voices of Youth (photo: Sudan school)
Tiempo web Videos - youth and ecologists from Cameroon, Mexico, Sweden, NZ and the UK discuss climate change.
Violence and Vulnerability 22 min. film about climate change and human conflict in Kenya.
Balgis Osman-Elasha explains why Africa is so vulnerable.
Maureen Silos discusses climate change impacts on Suriname.
Vaitoti Tupa shows how it will affect the Cook Islands.
Ulrike Röhr on women's issues in the COP12 climate treaty negotiations: for instance in food, forestry, biofuels and CDM.
Podcasts on environmental issues.
US-based Climate Change Action weblog with streaming video.
Photographic art: Chris Jordan's pictures of overconsumption.
Athabasca Expedition and VBS Toxic Alberta videos. Toxic Brooklyn, West Virginia, Pacific garbage to be added.
More to be added later...

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