Saturday, 22 December 2007

Eco-media: global warming, health, life, the universe and everything

photo: Alaska glacier melting, by Jean-Guy Dallaire of Calgary
In God and Global Warming, an Oct 2007 PBS program, Evangelical Christian leaders and scientists witness the effects of global warming in Alaska. The website includes videos, a powerpoint, and a discussion between Dr Eric Chivian (Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard Medical School) and Rev Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals. Here is an excerpt:
Chivian: What I have learned from Richard is that our similarities are so much deeper and more important than any differences we might have....
[My] new frame of reference is to see life from God's perspective. God loves the whole Creation, and wants us to do the same.
Also from the Harvard Center, the video Climate Change and Health is a scientific presentation by Dr Paul Epstein on the triple feedback of global warming, disease vectors and poverty. See the Center's list of preventive actions.

For Quakers: Pacific Yearly Meeting's Oct 2007 Global Climate Crisis minute, New York YM's Peace with Earth minute and queries; SFFM's 2-5-2007 Friends and Global Warming minute and queries; and Quaker Earthcare Witness books, pamphlets, and online texts. Study materials are also available from KAIROS Canada, a multidenominational Christian group that includes CYM and CFSC.

For evangelicals:
- A Rocha International, NAE's ReVision and EEN's Creation Care websites with books and links.
- Conservative Quaker Marshall Massey's blog Earthwitness Journal.

Earthcare for kids of all ages:
- view flash animation The BioDaversity Code, then click Learn More
- Katie Honey's adbusting music video on the myth of economic growth
- two versions of the Galaxy Song by Eric Idle (of Monty Python): illustrated with NASA photos, and powers of 10 showing our place in the universe (good maths and science, too).
- the wombat video from
- science teacher Eric Sodomka's
homemade video applies game theory maths to global warming

Youtube has been inundated by
climate-change deniers' videos. However, the ones above provide solid scientific information along with gripping images.

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