Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Taoist view

Taijitu, the Taoist symbol of equilibrium between yin and yang
A tree too big to embrace
is born from a slender shoot.
A nine-story tower
rises from a pile of earth.
A three thousand mile journey
begins with a single step.
... do not grasp greedily
and so do not lose.
...a rush for success will fail.
Proceed at the end as at the beginning...
the wise let all things develop naturally.
-- Tao Te Ching 64 by Lao Tzu

-- Excerpts from Yibaishiba jie, The 180 commandments
Do not burn fields, mountains and forests.
Do not wantonly fell trees.
Do not wantonly pick herbs or flowers.
Do not dry up wet marshes.
Do not wantonly dig holes in the ground, and so destroy the earth.
Do not fish or hunt, and so wound and kill living beings.
Do not dig up hibernating animals and insects.
Do not wantonly destroy birds' eggs.
Do not pollute or close wells.
Do not make and keep poisons.
Do not throw toxics into lakes, rivers, and seas.
Do not shit or piss on living plants or in water that people will drink.

See also: James Miller, Introduction to Daoism, Wikipedia.

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