Saturday, 10 May 2008

Environmental news and views: The New York Times goes digital

courtesy NYT: Cyclone Nargis and coastal flooding, mapped on Google Earth
The New York Times has changed! Start with photojournalist Andrew Revkin's narrated slideshow Planet in Flux of his travels around the world since 1978, a gradual discovery of environmental threats to human and other life. He invites viewers to an interactive blog Dot Earth where readers can add their own reflections, ask questions of experts, and comment on the news. the blog includes an annotated critique of Bush's climate speech, and a lively debate among climate scientists over the latest wrinkle in the upward warming curve. Dot Earth's blogroll links to other important sites for environmental news, media analysis, green design, US energy/climate/conservation policy (forgive the oxymoron), and youth activism. NYT science and news pages now contain streaming videos -- including exceptional coverage of the cyclone devastation in Myanmar. We have come a long way from the "gray lady" journalism of the past.

See also BBC, CBC, Wikipedia Environment portal, Le Monde

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