Thursday, 3 July 2008

A guest on God's hand made world

Adam names the animals: from an unknown medieval manuscript
The first commandment that God gave Adam was to name the animals, this is to be responsible for them. God also dedicated a fair amount of space in the Leviticus Law to the care and nurturing of the fields. To think that we are not obliged to care for the planet is to say that God does not care for the sparrow or the lilies of the field. To be cavalier about the welfare of the planet is to place ourselves above God.

I am an environmentalist because I am a guest on God's hand made world. I better take good care of it or the Landlord could evict me, I wouldn't like that. I don't like the alternative.

comment by Paul -- 28 June 08 in Jim Wallis blog God's Politics. See also Sojourners magazine; the book-length meditation on Jubilee earthcare A Sanctuary for All Life by Quaker Jim Corbett, and his work at Saguaro-Juniper.

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