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An Inconvenient Truth - action links

The "blue marble" photo from Apollo spaceship 1972: courtesy of Wikipedia A while back we went through the USA action links in Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth and compiled *Canadian equivalents. Other symbols in the table: # a useful Canadian site but not equivalent,
** means the Canadian site is better.


USA links

Canadian links

Energy efficient lighting (CFL)

EFI, Nolico

*Project Porchlight

Energy efficient appliances

Energystar US

*NRC info and manufacturers

Appliance operation & maintenance

ACEEE Consumer Guide, Eartheasy

See NRC above

Heat and cool your house efficiently

---see above

*NRC tips, *PetroCanada tips

Insulate your house

SimplyInsulate, CFA checklist

*NRC checklist

Get a home energy audit

EnergyGuide, US directory

*NRC has info but Canada federal govt cancelled its subsidies for audits in 2002, for retrofits in 2006, *self-audit **CMHC renovation checklist

Conserve hot water

DOE tips

#NRC about water heaters

Reduce standby power waste

Standby, Powerint FAQ

<== see USA column

Home office efficiency

avoid 'sleep' mode

<== see USA column

Green power

renewable, solar, wind, net metering, US state incentives, green-e

#Energy Alternatives and #Appro, *solar, *wind, #green fuels, net metering in *Ontario ,
*some provincial incentives

Reduce driving miles

by walking, biking, carpooling, mass transit

#walking, *biking, *erideshare #carpooling , #mass transit tax credit

Drive smarter

economize fuel, buy less polluting, more efficient cars

<== see USA column

Drive hybrids

or hybrids

<== see USA column

Alternative fuels

DOE info

<== see USA column, #green fuels

Fuel cells

Fuel cell info

<== see USA column

Telecommute from home

Telework Coalition

*Canadian Telework Association

Reduce air travel and buy carbon offsets

US carbon offsets

**Suzuki Foundation: how to go carbon neutral

Consume less

**Suzuki Foundation: Sustainability within a generation

Pre-cycle: reduce waste before you buy

<== see USA column


Don’t waste paper

Stop junkmail, contact DMA

*CMA stop junkmail

Reusable grocery bags

<== see USA column



Composting Council

Use a refillable bottle

* on Canada

Eat less meat

EPA and

#How green is your food?

Purchase carbon offsets

Wikipedia on carbon offsets ,

**Suzuki Foundation: how to go carbon neutral

Learn more about climate change

Weathervane, environet, climateark,, Concerned Scientists, Pew press alerts

**Environment, peace and social justice links

Let others know

Encourage your school or business to reduce emissions

Vote with your dollars


Invest responsibly, SRI guide

*EthicScan links

Take political action

US cities, coolcities, LCV scorecard

FCM Kyoto action,, scorecard and its Kyoto report card

Support an environmental group

NRDC, Sierra Club,,

**Environment, peace and social justice links

See also Gore's study guide download; his film part 1 video on Youtube. Be sure you choose the Al Gore videos parts 2 and 3. If your comment has more actions that individuals can do, we will happily add them to this posting.
See also:
Top 50 things you can do to stop global warming and the video
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US Grist articles on green consumers
Canada green consumer guides
UK (Quaker) Living Witness Walk Cheerfully, Step Lightly: 100 ways of greening your life

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