Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Place blogging

photo: Hall's Harbour, Bay of Fundy NS by D Millar
Last post on Creek Running North: Chris Clarke's nature blog from the Bay area was my introduction to the joys of earthcare writing. She has recently stopped but it is still online, well worth a look. Her topics range from attending the birth of her sister's child, to sleet storms in the Mojave.

More of my favourite place bloggers:
Chris Corrigan's Bowen Island Journal: Life in the Salish Sea, just northwest of Vancouver BC.
Gemma Grace's Dandelion Days with photos and correspondence worldwide.
Harriet Welsch's Chicago Spynotes
Rob Paterson in Prince Edward Island.
Roumi (M. Roumagnac, Montréal) photos
Banlieusardises (Martine, Montréal rive sud) gardening, girl-stuff, recipes
Dave Pollard (Toronto) How to save the world
Sébastien Windal Atlanta-based photographer
Holy Shmoly! by Donncha O Caoimh in Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland, with lots of craik (comments)
North Atlantic Skyline from John Smyth, Galway
Animated Stardust from Wales
Wild Orchids... by Rachel Maitra, Amsterdam
petite anglaise's life, love and motherhood in Paris
Meanwhile here in France life in Provence
Surfbirds British birdwatcher in Provence
BargeBlog péniche through the canals of France
Beppo Grillo in Italy
This Way Please in the UK and Congo
American Footprints Brian Ulrich travels in the Caucasus
Lisa Goldman in Tel Aviv
Leilouta in Tunis, Egypt and US
Freedom for Egyptians in Cairo
Highlander in Tripoli, Libya
A Wallaby Abroad in Brisbane Australia and Oman
FierceTigress Wanderings being a mother in Punjab
Under the Fire Star Nancy Gandhi, Chennai/Madras, India
Baghdad Burning and A Family in Baghdad: both are now refugees
Beijing or Bust Hao Wu, China
Geegaw Miranda Gaw in Brooklyn, NZ and Japan
The Rice Bowl yogini Kimberly Roberts, in Saigon
PurelandMountain Bob Brady in Japan
Madras to Manila travels of Amit and Sandi
Faikakala by Fotu, Samoan woman in Hawaii
Global Voices Online
Orion Magazine's Place Where You Live posts

and in a class by themselves, world photographers
Sebastiao Salgado
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Riadh Djebrouni

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Donncha said...

Thank you for linking to Holy Shmoly!

You might also like http://inphotos.org/ where I post photos from Ireland and abroad. 99% of the images are of Ireland though.

Gorgeous photo above!