Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Breaking promises of international aid

Millenium Development Goals: courtesy of YMCA International

Canada, France and Italy are threatening to break their poverty promises by slashing aid budgets. Sign the Avaaz petition to stop them -- and poverty expert Jeff Sachs will deliver our messages to world leaders gathered at the UN this week!

World leaders gather this Thursday at the United Nations to renew the fight against extreme poverty. But three leaders -- Sarkozy, Harper, and Berlusconi -- are threatening to undermine the world's anti poverty efforts, by slashing their development aid budgets and breaking their international promises.

France, Canada, and Italy promised to contribute 0.7% of national income to help the world's poor reach Millenium Development Goals -- aid money that would save millions of lives, and still leave these donor countries with 99.3% of their money. But apparently, our rightwing leaders think 99.3% is not enough for the world's rich.

Our best chance to make them keep their word on aid delivery is to raise the alarm in New York this week. Noted economist and creator of Millenium Villages in Africa Jeffrey Sachs will deliver the Avaaz petition in speeches to the assembled heads of state at the UN summit this Thursday.

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