Monday, 8 December 2008

Youth Climate Leadership Training - India

350 ppm: April 08 Delhi youth summit: photo courtesy blog
On 19-20 December 2008, the Youth Parliament Foundation and the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) will hold a two-day Delhi Climate Leadership Training. The two-day training will include basic climate science and solutions, brainstorming national goals, action plans and media skills. IYCN and YP state:
We are looking forward to bring together a strong group of youth leaders -- leaders who will initiate and lead grassroots climate groups in their work, schools, colleges and communities; leaders who will organize and mobilize people and their climate projects at a local, national and international level; and leaders who will spread the message about the urgency of climate change and the great opportunity for each of us to create, communicate, celebrate and be climate solutions.
The only requirement to participate in this program is passion, belief and a desire in making India a cleaner, more equal, wealthier and more forward thinking nation.
Meanwhile, IYCN started a 4000 km tour of India in solar electric Revas (plug-in electric cars) to spread awareness about climate change and solutions. They'll be training environmental leaders at college campuses around the country, conducting green business plan competitions, and dancing to a solar powered band.

For full details of both events, see YP Foundation, founded in 2002 by Ishita Chaudhry and the India Habitat Centre. See also history of YP in Wikipedia, IYCN website.