Saturday, 21 February 2009

Food lobbyists vs your child / La malbouffe v. ton enfant

Nutrition standards for US school lunches haven't been updated since 1979 -- a porkbarrel worth $10b a year to food companies. Stephen Greenstreet's video shows their K Street lobbyists cooking the data at a "scientific" hearing which corporate-controlled media carefully ignored. The independent American News Project (ANP) was alone in covering this conference at the National Academy of Sciences.

US lobbies
Thanks to Stephen Greenstreet on DailyKos. See also NYTimes 19 Feb 09, Food First on the community food security movement, FF history and common security clubs, US CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest, Corpwatch reports about nutrition lobbyists.

Food lobbying in Canada
CTV: Health Canada fires outspoken scientists 15 July 04, privatization of Canadian Food Inspection Agency; CCFN Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition dominated by food companies; anti-lobbies: Consumers' Association of Canada and TFPC Toronto Food Policy Council, CBC news stories on food and nutrition.

La malbouffe au Québec

Le Devoir: sur les arnaqueurs juin 2002, SRC: le Québec essaie de bannir la malbouffe des écoles 14 sep 07 et d'autres nouvelles. Ateliers aux écoles québécois: Les cinq épices.

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