Monday, 13 April 2009 Bill McKibben in Shanghai, jovenes en Poznan

Bill McKibben takes 350 seconds to explain why 350 ppm is the most important number in the world, as he rides a riverboat through New Shanghai.

Unos jóvenes participando en las negociaciones internacionales envian un mensaje a los jóvenes sudamericanos de la iniciativa TUNZA-GEO, y ellos responden con su apoyo. (Youth participating in the international climate negotiations in Poznan, Poland send their message to South American youth from the TUNZA-GEO network, and they send messages of support back.)
Jóvenes internacionales unidos frente el cambio climático, en Poznan, Polonia al COP-14.
See other McKibben and Tunza videos. Links to Tunza: UNEP site, TakingItGlobal, Tunza-India on WiserEarth. The August 2009 Tunza International Youth Conference on the Environment in Daejeon, Korea will present its findings on climate, green jobs, human security and sustainability at COP-15 in Copenhagen.

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