Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A farm for the future - Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca Hosking: Guardian photo
(See the 5-part video on Youtube. It should be available on DVD from and In A farm for the future, a 50 min video from BBC's A Natural World series, film maker Rebecca Hosking returns to her family's wildlife-friendly farm in Devon, to become the next generation to farm the land.

Peak oil is a wake-up call. She learns that our agricultural model is completely dependent on abundant cheap fossil fuel, for transport, herbicides, pesticides, GMO crops, fertilizer and industrial food processing. A global food collapse is possible. Can we make the transition to sustainable practices? With advice from oil experts, the Post-Carbon Institute, farmers of an older generation and organic growers, Rebecca learns how permaculture, cooperating with nature, is the key to low-carbon agriculture and food security. (Thanks to Carol Dixon for bringing this program to our attention!)

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Message in the Waves (Natural World 2007) about Pacific albatross killed by plastic garbage; her plasticbagsfree campaign and interview. See also the Bioregional congress of the Americas to be held 4-11 Oct 2009, and 2007 reading list; permaculture blogs and news on; Jon Cooksey's How to Boil a Frog site and video:

Other videos: farms of the future and permaculture.
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