Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What will stop population growth? - Hans Rosling

Swedish professor Hans Rosling has just been named by Time as one of the top online profs. According to his interactive video What stops population growth it is rising life expectancy and GNP -- with Africa the current exception. His statistic presentation shows that to stop the exponential growth of population, we must ensure that poor children do not die.
below: a snapshot from his Gapminder video

Rosling began as a doctor in rural Africa discovering konzo, a rare paralytic disease, and its cause: malnutrition and poorly-prepared cassava. He co-founded Médecins sans Frontièrs (Doctors without Borders) in Sweden, wrote a textbook on global health, and has initiated key research as professor of international health at the Karolinska Institut in Stockholm. See the fullscreen display in his Gapminder World, with instructions on how to make your own interactive videos of UN development data. See also Quaker doctor Dick Grossman's blog

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