Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Nganyi, the rain men of Kenya - from AfricaAdapt

This video of rainfall prediction by the Nganyi family of western Kenya is one example of the precious indigenous knowledge that people like them around the world have gathered over centuries. Native weathermen and modern meteorologists in Kenya are now working together.

This video appears with other "Community Voices" on the newly established AfricaAdapt, an independent bilingual (French and English) discussion website. Its aim is "to facilitate the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livelihoods between African researchers, policy makers, civil society organisations and communities who are vulnerable to climate variability and change across the continent".

See also Wikipedia on the conflict between Indigenous Knowledge and TRIPS (the intellectual property rule of WTO, backed by the Washington consensus); World Bank iknotes; the UNESCO-NUFFIC Database of best practices; Intellectual Property Watch; the NGOs Cultural Survival and Amazon-Indians. A metasearch will reveal many more.

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