Monday, 13 July 2009

Youth climate action networks expand globally - Bill McKibben

This post originally appeared in 7 July 2009Article Photo

"As Copenhagen nears, we'll be hearing regularly from the spokespeople for the big green groups. But if you want to know who's really powering the climate change movement right now, you need to look at young people. As I travel the globe organizing the giant day of action for, it's people between the ages of 15 to 25 who are carrying the load in country after country. This movement began in the states with Billy Parish, Jessy Tolkan, and EnergyAction, which drew 12,000 college kids to the Powershift gathering in D.C. in March. Now there are Powershift gatherings planned in Australia, in the UK, and lots of other places. The India Youth Climate Network is turning the subcontinent green. The same in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, the Mideast, even China where kids are currently crisscrossing the country on the Green Long March. And best of all, they're refusing to settle for the "politically realistic." They're actually asking our leaders to produce what science demands. It's good fun to work alongside them." -- Bill McKibben

Look for updates on youth actions at: also known as the Global Coalition for Climate Action (GCCA) or Countdown to Copenhagen, WiserEarth links to US climate campaigns and Its Getting Hot in Here. Also Climate Action Network international and by country, Canada network for youth/jeunesse CYCC/CJCC, TakingitGlobal under tags globalwarming and climatechange, and the Climate Action Now! listserv.

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