Thursday, 17 September 2009

Environmental networking: groups and strategies

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This is an attempt to map many recent trends. I welcome your comments and criticism. Feel free to share the document with others. It may help to clarify discussions about cooperation or joint action with other civil society or faith groups. If you want to find which category a group is in, open the doc in a word processor, CTRL+F and insert the name to search. The web links in the document and "further reading" will lead you to details about that group.

For a review of current Copenhagen negotiations and US climate policy, see my previous post, which includes updates.

1 comment:

jack bradin said...

Good job David!! We Friends have a great deal of work ahead. The frame works for most of the environmental
movements are dominated by the play books of BAU, OPEC, WTO, IMF, and the WB... The UN is chicken soup
before these squadrons of pirates.

No wonder the world is dying, with friends like these who needs enemies!