Sunday, 13 December 2009

Indigenous voices on climate change -- COP-15 film festival online

Citt Williams and Ivan Golovnev film a "medicine circle" in the Altai
The festival, which can be viewed online, is a 4 hour program of videos based on the collaboration of the UNU Traditional Knowledge Initiative with communities in Australia, Malawi, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Kirghyzstan, Ethiopia, Japan, Panama, Bolivia, Madagascar, Kalimantan, the Russian Altai and the Canadian Arctic. Indigenous people tell their stories about the impact of climate change.
It was organized by an Australian woman, Citt Williams. See her blog Traveller's Teacup and her CV. She has been a CAAMA producer of Aboriginal films and made docs of her own throughout Asia. She is now based in Tokyo, collaborating with the United Nations University Media Studio on Our World 2.0 webzine and video briefs.
You can also view online videos Voices of the Chichinautzin (Patricia Sims & Luis Patron, Mexico 2007, 45 min); Journeyman Pictures' Two Bolivias (Bolivia 2007 23 min), India Hots Up (2009, 21 min), and Death of the Nile (2009, 16 min). For more info see the United Nations University Traditional Knowledge, Initiative and The Indigenous World 2009 report published by IWGIA , the International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs (ISBN 978-87-91563-57-7). A basic explanation of aboriginal rights is in a 2009 Canadian video with Paul Joffe, international lawyer, Béatrice Vaugrante, of Amnestie Internationale Canada en français, and Ganesetake's Ellen Gabriel for Quebec Native Women.

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