Saturday, 13 March 2010

Walking on country with spirits (Australia) -- Marilyn of the Nyungkal

Marilyn is an aboriginal of the Nyungkal people in tropical Australia. In the country they have lived in since the dreamtime (Creation), she sees fundamental changes: flowing streams become stagnant water, animals must move to higher and cooler altitudes to survive. "The country is transforming, food is disappearing. If animals continue to move further up the mountain, they will disappear into the sky." Scientists confirm her prediction; global warming threatens two-thirds of species in the ecosystem.

As she walks her homeland, the Nyungkal bubu, she respects and thanks its spirit life: the flowing stream that provides her family with freshwater, the spirits of her mother, father and grandparents who cared for the country before her, ancestors transformed into rocks, the spirits of the trees and animals that give us shade and sustenance.

This is just one of a series of filmed testimonies by indigenous people, online at United Nations University's Our World 2.0. The site offers videos on other environmental topics too.

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