Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Maude Barlow and the human right to water

How do we treat the global commons? "Is water a commercial good like running shoes or Coca-Cola? Or is water a human right like air?" asks Maude Barlow. Liz Marshall's new documentary Water On The Table features spokespeople from all sides of the issue, including natives affected by the tarsands. It premiered on 24 March 2010.

Every so often an idea really sticks and won’t go away – it then requires dogged determination to usher it into the world. In 2003 I read Blue Gold, Maude Barlow’s first book about the global water crisis. I was deeply inspired by her warm, poetic voice and commitment to “water justice”. In 2007 I set out to raise funds for a documentary that would capture Maude’s character and water-activism, as well as the chilling opposition to her views in Canada and the US. With the help of a stellar team of filmmakers Water On The Table was born in early 2010. – Liz Marshall

Blue Planet Project and The Council of Canadians / Le Conseil des Canadiens founded by Barlow; her biography in Wikipedia; Jakob von Uexkuell's World Future Council which gave her the "right livelihood" award; research on the global commons by Quaker International Affairs Programme (QIAP); Boulder CO community network, Towards a Stewardship of the Global Commons; Johan Rockström et al. planetary boundaries, Nature (Sep 2009) (see graph below -- green indicates earth's carrying capacity; several sectors have already been exceeded. Click on graph to see it more clearly).


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