Monday, 30 August 2010

Sacred Land, Poisoned Peoples - IPPNW

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War medical students and doctors demonstrate at nuclear base Büchel, Germany.

Pre-Congress Meeting to the 19th World Congress of IPPNW, 26 August 2010, Basel Switzerland:

Indigenous People and their representatives attending the Pre-Congress "Sacred Lands, Poisoned Peoples" at this critical time of intensifying destruction to Mother Earth and human health by nuclear resource development have gathered and shared stories of resistance to uranium mining across the globe. From Canada and USA to Niger, Mali, Namibia, Tanzania and Malawi, from Russia, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India, communities facing dramatic impacts from this toxic industry have come together in unity.

Past, present and future generation of Indigenous Peoples are disproportionately impacted by uranium mining, nuclear weapons and the nuclear power industry. The nuclear fuel chain radioactively contaminates our people's health, land, air, and waters and threatens our very existence and our future generations. Uranium mining, nuclear energy development and international agreements that foster the nuclear fuel chain violate our basic human rights and fundamental laws of Mother Earth, endangering our survival and spiritual wellbeing.

The dangerous health impacts of radioactive exposure begin with uranium mining. We reaffirm the Declaration of the World Uranium Hearing in Salzburg, Austria, in 1992 that uranium and its radioactive decay products must remain in the ground. We stand in solidarity with those working for an end to uranium mining and processing, irresponsible radioactive waste management, nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

We dedicate ourselves to a nuclear free future for all peoples.

See also its congress blog and its international youth tour

BAN: Biking Against Nuclear Weapons (still positioned in Europe).

"Voices like ours are needed now more than ever for peace, for civil rights, for children, for a life on this planet, for our grandchildren. War is stupid. To bring about the changes we need in society, all of us must speak out and act." -- Muriel Duckworth

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