Monday, 20 September 2010

Time for Creation & the Global Work Party -- by Bill McKibben

Sometimes 'climate change' can seem like an abstraction. That is, until you see it in action, as we have this summer in Pakistan, in the mountains of China, in Ladakh, and in the overheated peat bogs of central Russia.

This is all part of the reality we face in our current world of 392 ppm CO2. Our main work is to try and slow down the climate crisis before it gets worse--by getting to work on climate solutions that can get us back to 350.

But working to create a safe climate future doesn't mean we don't need to try and help the victims of the climate crisis along the way. When our comrades and colleagues issue a call for assistance, we do everything we can to respond.

Pakistan photos courtesy Ontario Medic
The recent floods in Pakistan have displaced 20 million people, and nearly a fifth of the country is literally underwater. The scale of the suffering is difficult to fathom--and though relief efforts are underway, reports from the ground indicate that the response has been far too small and slow to provide the level of relief needed.

That's why we hope you'll take a moment send some money to local groups helping the victims of climate disasters--and that you'll keep working in your community to build this movement.

Wildfire smog in Moscow: Lev Maslov-AFP-Getty

mudslides in Ladakh: The Travelling Librarian

All of the countries recently devastated by the floods, mudslides, and heatwaves were hugely active in the International Day of Climate Action last October 24 and they're involved in 40 days of prayer Time for Creation by the World Council of Churches, leading up to the Global Work Party on 10 October 2010. It's both tragic and inspiring to see disaster pictures--and in those same regions see amazing ideas and events for 10/10/10.

In the face of a changing climate, we hope you'll send some money to the victims of climate disasters--and that you'll keep working in your community to build this movement.


See McKibben's three -step strategy for world action in Yes magazine 4 Aug 2010

1. educate the public (talk to neighbours and friends) about global warming
2. demand science-based legislation and let lobbyists howl
3. start a mass movement to make it possible

In Canada, join People's Assemblies on Climate Justice (Council of Canadians, IEN, Kairos, CYCC).
Not to forget the needs of Haiti -- see Haiti: Canada for Haiti and CHAN-RSCH.
See also NASA scientist Dennis M. Bushnell's predictions of human overshoot and climate catastrophes.

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