Friday, 10 December 2010

Kenya churches urge action on climate change,

Kenyan churches call for action on climate change, threats to the Mau forest in the Rift Valley, drying up of rivers in the Mt Kenya area, increasing desertification, political reform and resettlement of refugees from the violence of 2007. All are contributing causes of tribal violence. They support the new constitution, an end to corruption and violence, and reforestation. Susie Ibutu is NCCK Director of Governance and Social Service Programs:

On Youtube you will find a number of other videos from the National Council of Churches of Kenya and climate change in East Africa. The General Assembly of the NCCK, which includes Friends Church in Kenya (Quakers), met 29 Nov-3 Dec 2010. Themes included Christian unity and peace, the new Kenyan constitution, ending ethnic strife and corruption, resettling internally displaced persons (IDP). See the NCCK final statement.
See our previous posts from Kenya on the genocidal battles of 2007 and their underlying causes. Also: Kenya government's appeal for international aid to save the Mau forest, land grabs by KANU party members, evictions of squatters and ethnic disputes. Water and food shortages in "Shalom City" IDP camp in the Rift Valley. Police brutality against refugees from drought-stricken, war-torn Somalia. Leaked US diplomatic note warns of lack of reform and further violence. Jul-Aug 2010 Kenya church leaders oppose the new constitution allowing abortions, sharia. Dec 2010 National Dialogue and Reconciliation conference has just begun. Citizen journalism and videos from Nairobi in Global Voices Online.

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