Thursday, 13 January 2011

Quaker queries -- by Mary Lee Comer

From US Inter-Mountain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice. Submitted by Mary Lee Comer along with contributions by other Friends, to the blog -- which is worth further reading -- of Right Sharing of World Resources. See also videos and reflections on the main RSWR site.

REST. Photo via Jordan Ferney | Oh Happy Day!

Implicit in our testimony on simplicity is an understanding that we will not take more than we need—particularly if it means depriving others, including future generations, of their basic needs.

The earth is not in bondage to us nor are its riches ours to dispose of at will. We recognize that we are part of the natural world. Humankind is not a species to which all of creation is subservient. Rather, it is one of many interrelated and interdependent facets of a creation more vast than human understanding can grasp.

Part of understanding one’s place in the world is forming right relationships with things. Such relationships are as much a consequence of observation as they are the product of activity. Let us exercise our power over nature responsibly, with due reverence for life. Let us strive to show loving consideration for all creation and seek to enhance the beauty and variety that surrounds us.

Truth is revealed in diversity if we give way for its expression. Rejoice in the splendor of the earth’s continuing creation, for it is that of God speaking.

How do we inform ourselves about how our style of living affects the global economy and the environment?

How do we exercise our respect for the balance of nature? Are we careful to avoid poisoning the earth, the air, and the water? Do we use the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life? Do we recycle all that we can?

How do we encourage environmental responsibility within our community?

How do we live in accord with our sense of God in all creation?

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