Wednesday, 23 March 2011

War requiem -- by Ksenia Simonova

Ukrainian sand artist Ksenia Simonova's 8½ minute requiem for those who died in WW2. If you recognize parts of sound and music tracks, please comment.

It is based on her family's story. She uses special volcanic sand mixed with salt, but says just about any powder would do as well. Ksenia, who has been animating sand for less than a year, took it up after becoming a victim of the financial meltdown.

The crisis took everything from us. We had a very successful business and in one moment it just collapsed. Many people got crazy, but we didn’t because we did this. Thank to the crisis we started doing thisNow I can’t live without this and everything I see in my life, I see in a sand projection.

For example I see you and I see how to draw you in this material, I see the shadows, the half-shadows, the light on your face, everything." She sleeps about 4 hours a day. "I’m a mother, I have a son. And I don’t have time to do this. I do this from 11 pm till 4am. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed about it now, but I think I’m just in a constant process of creating and it is good. -- Interview courtesy of

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