Thursday, 11 August 2011

Guarding Eden -- new book by Deborah Hart

Deborah Hart is a mother of two and climate activist who left her day job in Australian arts and culture organisations to found LIVE, a local climate change action with more than 3,000 supporters and  CLIMARTE, for artist activists.

Guarding Eden brings together visions, actions, and life stories. Its themes include climate, water, food, animals, forests. The website is adding additional material for a series. See this list of contributors from Australia and around the world.
Allana Beltran as "The Weld Angel" forest guardian, March 2007, Weld Valley Tasmania - Photo: Matthew Newton

The site announces, "We follow the work of people who are driving change to implement sustainable solutions, and provide readers with the means through which to connect with a powerful, rapidly growing grassroots environment movement."

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