Monday, 27 February 2012

A bucketful of blessings -- Esther Tinco Mamani of Bolivia

Esther Tinco Mamani in a 6 min video by Geoff Garver
talks about her $50 a month Bolivian Quaker Education Fund scholarship and how it has enabled her to pursue her degree in agronomical engineering - a profession she was told she should avoid because it was a "man's job." She works with Aymara farmers helping them to avoid lethal pesticides, and enable traditional knowledge. Her work is "like God poured a bucketful of blessings on me."


Geoff Garver said...
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Geoff Garver said...

Thanks for posting this! Supporting BQEF is a great way to help people like Esther give back to their community. She would likely have had to delay or forego college without that support.