Friday, 20 April 2012

Kenya 3 -- by David Millar

I am short of time, have little internet access and am unable to upload my own photos. You can see news, photos and videos of the Quaker world conference here:
Today Apr 20 we are finishing the three-day thread on Global Change – which I call ecojustice -- adding African, Asian and Latin American testimonies to those already gathered over the past three years. We hope to take a recommendation to the plenary on Sunday that Friends worldwide take a stand affirming the spiritual basis of our work in earthcare, peace and justice. If approved, I will post that Declaration here.
Tomorrow, on our one free day (assuming other responsibilities do not preclude) I will be on a 100 mile excursion from Nakuru (where the conference is held) north in the Rift Valley to Lake Baringo (see wildlife pix here).
As soon as I do have time, I will post the story of my homestay in several villages in Western Kenya, with photos and descriptions of the people I met.

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