Friday, 11 May 2012

Growthbusters - the trailer

The 98 minute doc GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth examines cultural assumptions that prevent us from reacting rationally to over-population and over-consumption. Details at

Why is it so difficult to talk about? Why is "economics" more important than clean air, water, and the earth of our children and grandchildren? Why do we vote in leaders to subsidize dirty growth at any cost, destroying quality of life and increasing taxes?

We worship at the Church of Growth Everlasting. Undeterred by the facts, we’re on a collision course powered by denial and the myth that growth brings prosperity.

In fact, our dominant economic model provides neither happiness or prosperity for the 99%. But that’s good news; it means a shift to a sustainable model will be good for us. We’ll be happier and more prosperous!

Before we can tranform ourselves to true sustainability, we must become self-aware, recognize the source of our growth addiction. In GrowthBusters we hear from leading thinkers of our time – scientists, sociologists, economists – who separate fact from superstition.

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