Thursday, 14 June 2012

Spending time with Grandmother (Mother Earth) -- by Gkisedtanamoogk

The term "Grandmother" is one of great importance in native spirituality. She is the elder, the mother of mothers, the teacher, the civilizer, the one who makes us fully human -- in all dimensions.

Audio and biog courtesy of the Godspeed Institute:
gkisedtanamoogk (pronounced kis-eh-tah-nah-moogk) received his BA in Political Science from Boston University. In 1977 he received his Paralegal Certificate from the University of Oklahoma Law School, with a Concentration on Indian Law.

He has taught Native American Studies, the Wampanoag Culture of Peace, and Dimensions of Indigenous Spirituality at the University of Maine; Bangor Theological Seminary; Arizona State University; and St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada.

He is the co-founder of the Anikwom Whole Life Center, and other projects include the Wabanaki Youth Writer's Summer Camp; Wabanaki Men's Alliance work and development; and the Stillwater Laboratory—Indigenous Media and Indigenous Partnership. Since 1985 when he married a Mik'Maq woman from Burnt Church NB, he has been home schooling children in Wabanaki World-View, Teachings and Life-Skills.

In this hour, which features the music of R. Carlos Nakai, topics include: the origin, territory and growth of this New England tribal nation; the Wabanaki people, their perception of the earth, the role of humans, and the web of nature; the role of the “Bundle Keeper”; the nterconnectedness of all of things; the role of natural symbols; the meaning and value of wampum belts; the perception and celebrations of the sacred; morning and daily celebration of the light; the Wabanaki experience in contemporary culture; the home-schooling of children; and much more. Listen Now:

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