Saturday, 19 January 2013

Never idle -- Eriel Deranger

Eriel Deranger is a young Denè (Chipewyan) mother. Her father lost his traditional Saskatchewan territory to state-sponsored uranium mining (supposedly for "peaceful purposes"...if you believe that?) and was forced to move to in Fort Chipewyan Alberta, where she works on behalf of the Mikisew Cree (see their pro and con tarsands statements), whose land and health is being destroyed by the tarsands upstream. As a teen she worked in TakingItGlobal, various youth projects, the United Nations Indigenous Youth Caucus and the International Training Centre for Indigenous People in Greenland. She is now working for Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations (AFCN) lawsuit against Shell Oil, the Rainforest Action Network and the Indigenous Environmental Network. She appears in the award-winning 2013 doc Elemental about three ecojustice activists (with Rajendra Singh of India and Jay Harman of Australia). In this 2010 video, she tells about her family's dispossession by corporate and government powers in Canada.

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