Thursday, 12 December 2013

Slam Shell -- by Peng! Collective.

Yesterday in Berlin, Shell Oil held a Science Slam to showcase young scientists` ideas about renewable energies and puff up its image of corporate responsibility. 

German activists who oppose Arctic drilling hacked the greenwashing party with a prank reminiscent of North America's Yes men -- reminding Shell that pretending to support 'green' projects is not good enough, that Arctic drilling is an unrecoverable accident waiting to happen.

Peng! Collective may not have the money Shell has, with just €300 budget for what should be a $3 million campaign, but they have passion and imagination.  Visit the website, inform yourself and donate.   

More about the whole context of Arctic drilling
USGS estimates the Arctic could add 13% to world oil consumption. US National Research Council experts warn Business As Usual trends could bring sudden and surprising climate "tipping points" : floods, droughts, storms, sealevel rise. The SEC fails to demand transparency from extractive industries. The EPA greatly underestimated methane emissions. The US govt is selling more gas and oil leases in the Arctic. Ocean Conservancy and NRDC warn, among other reasons, that spill recovery there could face sea ice up to 25 feet thick, hurricane-force storms and 20-foot swells. They cite last year's near-disaster (only [!] 3 killed, no spill) of Shell’s oil rig, Kulluk, in a place with no access roads, only a few small airports and the nearest Coast Guard station 1,000 miles away. Inuit have called for a moratorium. The Arctic drilling rush includes Russia, Norway, Canada, Denmark and Iceland; with possible armed conflict over boundaries, says the NYTimes, quoting NATO’s top military commander. How many reasons do we need NOT to drill? Then why and how are we doing it?
Cartoon by Seppo Leinonen,

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