Thursday, 3 January 2008

All the inhabitants of Planet Earth

Photo © Ben Osborne, from Fothergill's book. A herd of African elephants rely on the memories of the older matriarchs to lead them on the long and dusty journey across Botswana, back to traditional waterholes.

BBC's Planet Earth video series
in HDTV shown in 2006, was shot in 62 countries over 5 years, co-produced with US Discovery channel, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Japan Broadcasting (NHK). Re-broadcasts of the 11-hour series and its 3-hour sequel have been announced by the BBC, and are probable in the US, Canada and other countries during the UN's Planet Earth Year 2007-09. The sequel Planet Earth: The Future explores key questions of species extinction, biodiversity, and conservation.
See the updates on websites of BBC, CBC, Discovery channel, NHK, and many other countries. The whole series is now available on DVD, and in book form: Planet Earth by Alastair Fothergill (University of California Press/BBC, 2006).

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