Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Walk With Earth

photo courtesy of Nakili 'O Lani Benedictine Abbey, Aotarea
A San Francisco Friend is about to start a two and a half year earthcare pilgrimage from San Diego, California to Santiago, Chile. During her Walk With Earth, starting 9 March 2008, Rolene Walker intends to gather the histories and environmental traditions of people in all of the Americas. Others of all ages and backgrounds will join her en caminando to visit schools, churches, and community groups. Her blog is already reporting on environmental spirituality in San Francisco, and an encounter at the Ecoliteracy Center in Berkeley with aboriginal people -- Okanagans from British Columbia, Maori from Aotarea (New Zealand) -- women from Quebec and Peru, others who walked across the USA for peace 30 years ago and followed the ancient pilgrimage route across Spain to Compostela.

Two other Quakers, Ruah Swennerfeld and Louis Cox of Quaker Earthcare Witness, have now reached Sacramento, California in their 1400-mile Walk for Peace, "in the style of John Woolman" visiting 50 Meetings to talk about about integrating peace, justice, and earthcare. See their blog with videos of Friends met along the way.
"We believe that living with integrity and right relationship is vital to the world today. Although Woolman is most remembered for his tireless witness against slavery, he also preached that war and injustice are rooted in over-consumption and oppression, which are signs that people are disconnected from the Spirit."

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