Monday, 8 September 2008

Splash - by Barry Mathias

Lake in Yellowhead Pass: D. Millar Silence returns with its eternal echo.
Ripples sweep the surface of the lake;
Soft mountains
Filling their own valleys,
Racing on a one-way journey
To the guarding shores.
Submerged now, the silver denizen,
Unaware in its watery world
Of the brief, beautiful imbalance
It created.
Life in movement
Now still
Now forgotten.

-- from Turning Pages, Seeking Sky: poetry by Friends in Canadian Yearly Meeting (1992).


Clare mathias said...

I have just logged into this site, and find to my delight that a poem I wrote some years ago, Splash, is being used. May I urge you all to read my novels in the Ancient Bloodlines Trilogy series. More details on
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Barry Mathias

Barry Mathias said...

I have just logged on to this site and find to my delight that you have used one of my early poems, Splash. You may be interested to read more of my poems which you can find on my website