Saturday, 8 August 2009

Eco-art: an exploration

melting animals by Kawano Takeshi, Japan

Thanks to Milan Ilnyckyj, whose blog on climate change art blazed this trail. I spent a couple of hours chasing links and looking up old notes -- but this is only a sampling. Suggest other links in your comments.

art and sculpture

Strandbeest by Theo Jansen, Netherlands (see the video below)
Kawano Takeshi, Japan
Art at the Cheese Factory, Marin County CA
Reuben Margolin, kinetic sculptor, Los Angeles CA
RCA Arts and Ecology, London UK
Design for the Other 90% exhibition, book, Cooper-Hewitt, New York
Design and the Elastic Mind: Organic Design MOMA New York
Another Limited Rebellion by Noah Scalin Chicago IL
Wunderkammer by Jenny Kendler, Chicago IL
Naturemorph by Amy Ross, Boston MA
Recycle-Roanji by Judith Selby Lang, San Francisco CA
global warming with 50 lb of chocolate bunnies by EclecticAsylum, Colorado Springs CO. The title is misspelled, should be Dies Irae (day of wrath)
Bioephemera by Jessica Palmer, biologist & artist in Washington, DC

performance / ideas

Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John & Yoko Musée des Beaux Arts, Montreal and Eva Blue photos
99 Actions: What You Can Do With the City Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal QC
We Make Money not Art by Régine Debatty, Europe
The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, UK


The Art of Engagement created by Caffyn Kelley, Saltspring Is. BC
Green Museum USA
Eco Arts Space, USA
Inhabitat USA
Olympia Dumpster Divers WA
Earth Artists Network, Vancouver BC
Art and Environment, Nevada Museum of Art
The Ashden Directory UK Europe


Green Theatre Initiative Portland OR
Mo'olelo Performing Arts newsletter San Diego CA
Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts CA


SEEDS Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance and Science CA
Dance Brigade led by Nina Fichter and Krissy Keefer, San Francisco in "Song of the Earth" 2005: David Millar photo

textile and found objects

Abigail Doan of NYC, Sofia, and Italy
Brandon Jan Blommaert's Biosphere
Canstruction New York
An Art and Ecology Notebook by Cathy Fitzgerald, Ireland


W. Kovarik's environmental history timeline
Voices of the Colorado Plateau one of my favourite oral history sites
CHE, U. of Wisconsin online resources
my environment, peace and social justice links - see lesson plans, plans de leçon

Theo Jansen's wind-powered strandbeesten; music by Emir Diril.

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