Monday, 30 November 2009

The Copenhagen Diagnosis summarizes latest climate science data -- by CCRC

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The Copenhagen Diagnosis, published 24 Nov 09, is a badly-needed 60-page scientific review article summarizing hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers that have appeared since the last official IPCC report (AR4). The authors, 14 of whom are IPCC members. are climate scientists I. Allison, N. L. Bindoff, R.A. Bindoff, R.A. Bindschadler, P.M. Cox, N. de Noblet, M.H. England, J.E. Francis, N. Gruber, A.M. Haywood, D.J. Karoly, G. Kaser, C. Le Quéré, T.M. Lenton, M.E. Mann, B.I. McNeil, A.J. Pitman, S. Rahmstorf, E. Rignot, H.J. Schellnhuber, S.H. Schneider, S.C. Sherwood, R.C.J. Somerville, K.Steffen, E.J. Steig, M. Visbeck, A.J. Weaver. Published by The University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC), Sydney, Australia. The CCRC published a similar overview before the 2007 Bali conference.

See summaries by CCRC, NYTimes, Guardian and Grist. Also scientists' charges of a smear campaign by special interests trying to sabotage Copenhagen.

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