Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Story of Cap and Trade -- new animation by Annie Leonard

who made "The Story of Stuff".

we suggest you watch the video on her website, where it comes with pop-ups, FAQ sheets, a blog and discussion threads.

For other positive visions see
  • Scientific American (Nov 2009) which says we can make world energy 100% renewable by 2030.
  • New Economics Foundation, Other Worlds are Possible (downloadable 25 Nov 2009) on how we can achieve a moral economy and social solidarity, with 28 case studies from all over the world. Based on 5 years of research, backed by Christian Aid, Greenpeace, FOE, CAFOD, Tearfund, Action Aid, Oxfam, RSPB, WWF, Green Belt Movement, IIED, Colomban Faith & Justice, Practical Action, People and Planet, Progressp, Bird Life, IDS, Operation Noah, One Climate, Medact, Teri, Ashden, Care, Panos, World Vision, GNDF and WDM.
  • Sylvie van Brabant's new award-winning feature doc Earth Keepers (available in French as Visionnaires planétaires) opening in Canadian cities 4 Dec 09 trailer here, main website here.
See the critical review of Annie Leonard's animation by David Roberts in Grist 2 Dec 09. His argument for offsets is contradicted in CarbonTradeWatch on EU-ETS and CDM Nov 09 stating they are a failure, supported by Pew Climate Center on CDM Nov 09 which makes the narrow point that verifiable offsets in a reformed CDM might work. Patrick Bond radically critiques cap-and-trade, arguing for EPA action.

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