Friday, 11 June 2010

Kairoscanada -- Climate Justice tour, blog and discussion

As the G8/G20, the world's richest nations, squabble miserably about financial re-reg and climate action (with no solutions in sight) the Canadian interfaith organization Kairos is holding a series of 'town meetings' from coast to coast, based on its 5-page discussion paper Charting a road map to a sustainable future (May 2010) that quotes Sally Bingham, Gro Brundtland, Rees and Wackernaegel (inventors of the eco footprint), Herman Daly, Marilyn Waring, Tim Jackson, Sallie McFague, and others. It asks, “Who is my neighbour?”

We are all connected – God, humans, and other-than-humans. We are all in this together. In this worldview Jesus‟ command “to love one another as I have loved you” takes on an even deeper meaning. It expands the answer to the question, “Who is my neighbour?” It calls us to consider the well being of the whole earth community as we make political and economic decisions about how we are to live in the world.

How might we move in this direction? What are the concrete changes that we need to make both in lifestyle and in government policy? How can we create a momentum for change that will take us into the future?

It ends with three queries:
1) What would a sustainable economy look like for Canada? What would be the downside? The upside?
2) What social or political barriers would need to be overcome in the transition to a sustainable economy?
3) What is your response to the Climate Justice Now Network's position that, “Instead of trying to fix a destructive system, we should be leaving fossil fuels in the ground, reasserting peoples’ and community control over resources and production, re-localizing food production, massively reducing over consumption … ”

and invites all people of faith to further online discussion and a blog.

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