Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Toronto's Evergreen project restores Don Valley

The Brickworks before and after, from Reading Toronto
Evergreen is a charity dedicated to greening Canadian cities, neighbourhoods, schools and homes. Last weekend there was a Grand Opening of the former Don Valley Brick Works, which has already been restored for use as a farmer's market and a site for environmental education, demonstration gardens and kitchens, conference facilities, youth and children’s camps, community bike space, and family events. See their local and national blogs. In 2010 National Geographic named it one of the world's top geotourism locations.
Reclamation of the valley: Toronto Free for All

By revitalizing and reusing historic buildings, and offering programs for children, heritage and ec0-sustainability, Evergreen is an environmental community centre in the heart of the Toronto ravine system.

Summer camp While parents explore the reclaimed valley, or shop at the farmers' market, their children can join in Nature Nut fun: eco-games, frog and turtle monitoring, snowshoeing, animal tracking, local food harvesting and eating, making vegetable and "wild" gardens. See the native plant database and tips on starting gardens.

Below: a trail walk

Future plans for the site include Evergreen headquarters in the new LEED-Platinum-certified Centre for Green Cities. "It will be a venue where we will explore and address the global issues that we all face, including the green economy, urban ecology, transportation, water, energy, waste management, agriculture and food, building design and land-use planning. The site’s use of a wide range of green technologies will help make it a national hub for urban sustainability."

See also the main page of Evergreen, Greening the Inner City, Worldchanging on cities, Joan Roelofs, The economics of greening cities.

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