Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Extreme sheep herding as environmental art

Basic equipment: the hills of Wales, LEDs, flocks of sheep, and sheepdogs.

They create a giant animated sheep, a Pong game, the Mona Lisa, and fireworks. The herders: Wyn Griffiths, Rhys Francis, Georgia Davis, Emris "the electrician" Williams, Gerry "the player" Lewis, Rob "the LED master" Jones and "the general" -- the late Bernard Llewellyn, county chairman for Carmarthenshire of NFU Cymru (National Farmers Union, Wales). The ad for Samsung has now been viewed almost 13 million times. PETA attacked it as "animal cruelty". Samsung replied that the video was “made both starring, and in consultation with, professional shepherds”. Llewellyn added that "sheep are my livelihood...only a total idiot would put their animals under any stress”.

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