Thursday, 21 October 2010

IKCC Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change (Qapirangajuq) -- film by Zacharias Kunuk

IKCC will be launched 23 Oct as a digital videofilm and simultaneous webcast. Zacharias Kunuk, the Inuk creator of Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) collaborated with Ian Mauro, Peter Kulchyski and Chris Trott to create this 54 minute video. reply to questions from the audience in Toronto and over Skype. The film was shown at Toronto International Film Festival in Sep 2012, and can be previewed
Kunuk and Ian Mauro interviewed 55 Inuit elders, women and hunters, in 4 settlements thousands of kilometers apart, who report many changes. Most surprisingly, all say that the stars, moon and sun have changed positions. The sun is now rising in a different place, staying longer and is warmer than it used to be. Industry-supported scientists poo-poohed these "anecdotal" findings from "unscientific" natives. But Mauro says in a recent SSHRC Bulletin it’s actually an "optical shift [low altitude refraction] caused by a complex interplay between the wind, atmosphere, earth and ice... This observational knowledge of objects shifting in the sky is actually proof of a warming world.” The full site is well worth exploring.

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