Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Global Climate Change -- by Cornelius Ambiah

Leaving today, saving the future
Is our responsive ability to planet earth
As we partake of this crisis, our contribution
Though in minute countless effort,
We are blessing not cursing the future
The world is a sinking planet
Faced with a spiritual crisis,
Our future is at stake

We are living in unfamiliar territory
Not like in our childhood,
Depending on weathermen;
Unreliable sometimes and we accuse,
The true weatherman gave us knowledge;
To look after planet and endowed beauty,
How you and I practice it counts a deal!

New technology, advanced adoption
Creates huge gases limiting productivity:
Less gas emissions; cost effective ways
Will be realized if we take actions
Actions as friends with great concern for nature
For good environment nurtures us into naturally,
Nurturing life as God intended before

Global environment care,
Is all we can practice to protect climate
Living as Christians, combating desertification,
Though limited to individual interest,
We can be source of global benefit
As the planet sinks,
What is our contribution?

This was the opening prayer at the 6th World Conference of Friends
17th-25th April, 2012 at Kabarak University, Nakuru, Kenya

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Rory Short said...

Humankind has undoubtedly been gripped by many different mindsets over the millennia but the mindset that became predominant world wide during the 20th century is a linear exploitative one. This mindset is completely contrary to Nature's intrinsic orientation which is a cyclic non-exploitative one with various cycles reinforcing one and other. Unfortunately the linear exploitative mindset is now so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness that we do not realise that we are collectively in its grip and thus try to solve the inevitable problems, caused by the exercise of this erroneous mindset, by using this very same mindset. No apparent change for the better is going to change anything at all unless it is first aimed at replacing this problematic mindset with a cyclic non-exploitative one.