Friday, 1 February 2013

Everyday Miracles 2: a blizzard in Iowa – by Jim Kessler

cancellations and freedom from pressing responsibilities
the beauty of horizontal flying snow
blessed isolation
enchantment and heat from flames in the fireplace
time to think great thoughts
the purity of fresh pure white snow

a day to do whatever came to mind
thankfulness for a warm, tight abode
birds flocking to feeders a hundred at a time

the joy of spending time with my beloved
dazzling white savanna and prairie
quietness and simplicity

a sense of the greatness and power of God my protector. provider, and Saviour
the intricate patterns of drifts
delicate snow and intricate snow flakes

childlike joy and breathlessness on a snowshoe hike at dusk
smallness when observing power in the wind
a simplified landscape

the beauty of the Creation magnified
a day of peacefulness, joy, calm, and thankfulness
more reason to care for the Earth and its multitude of living forms

fullness and purpose for living
peaceful rest

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