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Reflections on 10.10.10: How we must transform ourselves and our world – by R. E. Hogan

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My journey to 10.10.10

On October 7, 2010, I set out from home at Greenfire Farm, in the Appalachian Foothills of southeast Ohio, on a vintage R90/6 BMW motorcycle that was built 37 years ago. I traveled eastward 363 miles, on Highway 50 to Washington, DC. Highway 50, a 3073 mile east-to-west coast road, known as the “Backbone of America,” passes just 6 miles south of home.

I was headed to DC for some of the 10.10.10 gatherings. This ride was my first intentional “deep centering outreach” ride. My goal was to strengthen our understanding and commitment to awaken and act profoundly in deep kinship with each other, our deeply wounded Earth and her communities of life. The opening name for this journey of listening, sharing and action is “Goin’ Home Together, Takin’ Care of Mom.” I was deeply honored to be asked to say a few words at both Power of One’s “Declaration of Interdependence,” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and, as a veteran, at the Turtle Women Rising gathering, near the Washington monument. Also attending and strengthening the gathering ceremonies were The Elder Presence of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and the Rolling Thunder of the Taiko Drummers from Japan.

On October 12, 2010, I returned home with much energy and much to consider. I offer this page of observations and reflections to hold in the Light together. I hope it can help co-create pathways forward that satisfy the hunger in our souls and our bodily needs, for everyone and everywhere. We all must be and do the change and the transformation that a healthy Mother Earth requires of a truly wise and compassionate human family. Let’s welcome each other home to the love and peace that passes all understanding.

A vision for the future

We are witnessing and co-creating humanity’s homecoming. We are living in a most profound “moment.” It is the ending of a 65 million year era called the Cenozoic, and at the same “boundary” moment, the beginning of the Ecozoic era, which offers a great unfolding of cosmic and human potential. Like the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly, we are maturing both individually and as a human species. In the larger universe story, both Earth and cosmos are calling us home. We are called to deep love and unity in every aspect of our daily life: with other humans, nature, Mother Earth and the entire cosmos of which we are a part.

In this Great Turning everyone is included; no one is excluded. Can we all become friends and neighbors and be fully available for the well being of all? Can we co-create the “New Story, the Great Work, the Great Turning?” Can we start this “New Story” by becoming gardeners, growing a Garden of Eden in both the inner and outer landscapes, as we restore and regenerate our deepest habitats so that they become the new ancient forests of the world? In doing so, we can celebrate moving from scarcity to sufficiency and perhaps even on to abundance.

The time is now! We must create renewable, clean energy, capable of supporting our true needs and livelihoods. We must create beautiful garden neighborhoods, and a globe of villages and extended families. We can grow truly nature-honoring, regenerative ecologies and economies that put the water, seed, food, soil and shelter back in the skilled hands and wisdom traditions of the people.

The Turtle Women Rising – drumming for Mother Earth

A group of indigenous elders called “The Turtle Women Rising” gathered near the base of the Washington Monument for 4 days. Through continuous drumming for 96 hours, these women set an intention to call for one million drumming circles to come forth over the next two years. As I listened carefully to the drumming, I heard Mother Earth breathing and felt the emergent pulse of Gaia’s heartbeat. In that sacred space, washed in this continuous drumming, the Turtle Women Rising stood in solidarity and peace with military veterans and their families. Together, they called for the return of vibrant health to Mother Earth and her communities of life.

Through our national gatherings, as well as our regional and local actions, we are shifting the energy of our times. We all have an enormous opportunity, and profound task before us. Through the process of personal and planetary peacemaking, we seek to co-create an environmentally sustainable, regenerative, socially just, spiritually fulfilling, and ecologically, economically vibrant future for all.
I send love and blessings to all — from the Heartland in the Ohio River Basin.

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