Thursday, 3 December 2009

CIDA cuts off Kairos funding, ending 35 years of Christian service

photo courtesy Globe and Mail
CIDA has cut off interchurch Kairos funding, ending 35 years of humanitarian Christian service to partners abroad: see the report in Globe and Mail 3 Dec 09
Appeal to Quakers and people of all faiths by

Anne Mitchell, Clerk of Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Merrill Stewart, Clerk of Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

Dear Friends
We are asking you to engage in an urgent action to request that CIDA reconsider its decision to terminate funding for overseas human rights work undertaken by KAIROS.

KAIROS, with its members, has a thirty-five year history of CIDA support and has recently worked with CIDA to align its foreign aid work with current government priorities. This disruption of funding impacts twenty-one foreign partners and will diminish Canada's
reputation as a reliable partner in development work.

We ask you to contact your Member of Parliament*, working ecumenically if possible, to request a reversal of this decision. We ask that you use a constructive, respectful approach to elected officials and emphasise the importance of the work made possible by this funding.
* find your province's Conservative MPs here; MPs of all other parties

Please read the attachment for a full understanding of the situation. Please share this information widely through your local networks, email, Facebook, and other social media.

We ask you to act as soon as possible.

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